Response Paper 4 Assignment

Hi everyone,

So your 4th response paper, on The Girl, is due next Tuesday in class. You have three options:

1) Analyze a passage in which one of the characters is interpellated (most likely “girled”) by the dominant social order. How is the character told who she is, and how does she respond by citing the impossible norm imposed on her? Here is the handout, but please email me or ask in class if you want these concepts clarified.


2) Analyze a passage that critiques New Deal liberalism–both the ideology and the state’s attempts to help and educate poor and working class people. Your thesis should make a claim about le Sueur’s specific argument against the New Deal’s liberal ideologies.

3) For your third option, you can sort of combine the first two: use a passage to consider how The Girl combines a critique of gender formation with a critique of capitalism and commodity fetishism. How does Le Sueur describe the gendered nature of desire in patriarchal capitalism? Again, feel free to ask questions or send me your thesis statement if you need help.



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