Third Response Paper Assignment

For Response paper #3, due next Tuesday 11/1, choose a non-written cultural text (song, photograph, scene from a movie, clip from a radio broadcast, etc.) and analyze it using one of these two frameworks:

1. Link it to New Deal liberalism (as articulated straightforwardly by Mr. Deeds and Superman, so don’t pick those, but rather use them to articulate the principles that you are going to situate your text in relation to). Do a close reading, like in your other papers, and through your reading make an argument about how your text reinforces, challenges, explains, critiques and/or does something else with New Deal liberal principles. Please email me if you’re having trouble finding a particular source.

2. Analyze the performances of racial identity (idealized or caricatured blackness and/or whiteness) your text. What do  performances of blackness do in your text? Connect the performance you are analyzing to  modernity and alienation, cultural competency, and/or conceptions of authentic folk culture.


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