Next Week

For next week, you have a mini-vacation from reading. If this leaves you with lots of extra time, you can do a few things: 1) Catch up on any reading you haven’t done; 2) use this time to start reading one of the last two novels, The Girl or Day of the Locust; or 3) Start thinking about what source you might want to use for the 3rd response paper, which is due Nov 1. Remember for this one, you have to closely analyze part of a non-written source–a photo, a song, a radio address, a film clip, etc.. I think the idea will be to use your close reading to somehow connect your text to New Deal liberal ideology as we’ve discussed it in the past few classes: is your text reinforcing, challenging, or somehow reimagining New Deal liberalism? Let me know if you need a copy of a particular text we’ve looked at and I will find it for you.

Have a nice weekend.



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