Second Response Paper and readings for next week

For next Tuesday, October 11, your second response paper is due. The paper should closely analyze a passage from “Deeds.” You can either:

Make a claim about how Shaw represents and/or critiques the sharecropping system.


Make a claim about how Shaw characterizes his organizing with the Sharecroppers’ Union.

You can use information and conceptual frameworks from lecture, but again, your analysis should be mostly grounded in  your passage. Think hard about the kinds of language Shaw uses to describe his work and/or activism and narrate his life, and try to use the details to deepen your insights about the specific arguments he’s making.

For tomorrow, you should bring in a passage you will use for your paper–try to construct a thesis statement, but if not, just bring in your passage.

You also have some short primary source readings for Tuesday:

Jesse O. Thomas, “Will the New Deal be a Square Deal for the Negro?” (1933)

Robert C. Weaver, “The New Deal and the Negro: A Look at the Facts”(1935)

And here’s the link to Eleanor Roosevelt’s article “The Negro and Social Change” :

And some for Thursday:

John Lewis, “The Future of Labor” (1936)

Emma Tenayuca Reminisces About Labor Organizing in San Antonio Texas 1936-1938

• Paul S. Taylor and Norman Leon Gold, “San Francisco and the General Strike” Sept 1934

Action Comics, “The Blakely Mine Disaster” (1938)

And a link to this interview with Packinghouse worker Anna Novak


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