Assignment for Tuesday Sept 13


Great job in class today. For Tuesday, bring back  the handout with the Raskob and the Marx, and we’ll talk a little more about alienation, desire, and advertising in the 1920s United States.

Also, read Chapters 1-15 in The Maltese Falcon. Think about a few things as you read:

1) How is Hammett’s novel a story of speculation? Who speculates? How are the speculators characterized?

2) Hammett worked as an advertising copywriter in the early 1920s. We’ll talk more about his biography at the beginning of class Tuesday, but for now, just think a little about where you see advertising in the story and how Hammett’s writing (particularly the style) might be shaped by his background as an ad man.

3) What can you make of the racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual (stereo)types in the story? Note when you see language you think might be denoting these types and begin to think about what purpose they serve.

Have a nice weekend and please let me know (perhaps by commenting on the blog, since my email is still not set up) if you have any questions.



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